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We`re all about Chrome extensions, and we`re here to empower your browsing. From developing and enhancing Chrome extensions to providing expert support and consulting. PiDevEx turns your brilliant ideas into reality. Let`s transform your ideas into amazing extensions, making the web a more wonderful place together.
PiDevEx work process.

Our products:

Allow Copy +

Enable copy text and context menu for all websites

Allow Copy + to enable text copying on protected websites.

Test Bro

Ai Assistant and helper to solve your online test and exam.

Test Bro extension that can assist and help you to pass and solve online exam or test.

Text From PRO

Text recognizer. Get and copy text from everywhere from web browser.

Text From PRO extension that can copy text from a video, from an image, from google doc, form everywhere.


Chrome extension that add extra features for Tinder in browser.

T-swindler extension  is extra features for tinder, auto swipe, change location, extra filtering and more

Copy History +

Chrome extension that automatically stores, archives, and manages your copied text. It's like browser history, but for copied content. Free and easy to use.

Chrome extension to  store, archive, and organize your copied text. Think of it as a browsing history, but specifically for your copied content. Enjoy the convenience of a free and user-friendly tool.